Introducing Recognition SDK

Sonic Code Recognition Software Development Kit

Infosonic provides a separate Sonic Code Recognition SDK that can be integrated into service apps. You can provide users with a more convenient customer experience by receiving the Sonic Code directly from your service app without needing to activate the Sonic Code App.

Recognition Process

#1 Service App
( Send Phone )

Pass the data you want to transmit to the Sonic Code App.

#2 Sonic Code App
( Send Phone )

Transmits the requested data into a Sonic Code.

#3 Sonic Code App
( Receive Phone )

The received Sonic Code is converted into data and delivered to the requested service app.

#4 Service App
( Receive Phone )

The function is performed using the data received from the Sonic Code App.

Recognize Sonic Code

A software development kit that helps individual apps receive the Sonic Code recognized by the Sonic Code App.


Sonic Code Recognition SDK

A software development kit that allows development apps to receive Sonic Code

Android ( v1.4.0 )

Recognition SDK Download