• Connecting People, Information and Services

  • Sonic Code


    Sonic Code is a short-range wireless communication technology using the inaudible sound wave band independently developed by InfoSonic. In other words, it is an audio QR using a speaker and a microphone.


    Anyone can freely use sound wave communication technology for service applications utilizing the license, SDK, and developer documentation that Infosonic provides.


  • Dynamic data transfer

    Sonic Code enables the transmission of dynamically generated data in real-time.


    Supporting various environments

    It allows use in various environments by replacing barcodes, QR and NFC.

    Localized communication

    Local data transmission for device-to-device communication is possible without server connectivity.

    It is possible to use even in areas with poor communication environments without any problem.


    High security

    The generated Sonic Code is valid for only a brief time, so it is difficult to reuse it even if copied for malicious purposes.

  • Sonic Code App


    Download the Sonic Code communication module app for free on the App Store and Google Play.

  • Contact mail connection

    Customers who wish to internalize or customize sonic communication technology rather than using it for free, contact us separately.